Hot Cha: The References

Page 3:

Purple Toupee
"that book by Nostradamous up upon the shelf" - My Evil Twin
"you sound just like the Eurythmics" - Rhythm Section Want Ad
"her old haircomb" - I Blame You
Sleeping in the Flowers
"forgot my lucky ball and chain" - Ball & Chain
"who tore the arm off the voodoo doll that resembles a Republican president from long ago" - My Evil Twin

Page 4:

"down to cowtown" - Cowtown
"writing everything down in a spiral notebook" - Why Must I Be Sad
Snail Shell
Metal Detector
32 Footsteps
"mountains of discarded folderol" - Metal Detector
Welcome to the Jungle
"You can say that you're an island, I can say that I'm one too" - Sleeping in the Flowers
Women & Men
"the sun is a mass of incandescent gas" - Why Does the Sun Shine?

Page 5:

"thermostat engulfed in flames" - Thermostat
Particle Man
"beat up the cat" - I've Got a Match

Page 6:

"Hammer Down" - Rabid Child
Chess Piece Face
"a car with kittens on it" - Kitten Intro
Toddler Hiway
"my sons gotta go to art school" - Alienations for the Rich
"shriners loaned us cars" - She's an Angel
"I don't want the world, just your half" - Ana Ng
"long, long trailer" - Everything Right is Wrong Again
A.K.A Driver
The End of the Tour

Page 7:

"she has three cars"/"her hair is blond" - The Famous Polka
"donuts in the neighbors lawn" - My Evil Twin
"my shadow on the windowshade" - No One Knows My Plan
"only home is bone" - Cowtown
Santa's Beard
"there's a face in the window, a smiling yellow face" - When it Rains it Snows
Spiraling Shape
"I tore down the garage" - A Place Called Nowhere
They'll Need A Crane

Page 8:

"a nut with a gun" - When it Rains it Snows
"what's that blue thing doing here?" - Fingertips
Pencil Rain
Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
Not My Birthday
Hotel Detective

Page 9:

Puppet Head
"a guy with a long, long fuse" - Hide Away Folk Family
"take off that stupid looking hat you wear" - I've Got a Match
Stand on Your Own Head
"their heads are caving in" - Nothings Gonna Change My Clothes
Triangle Man
World that Swings
Mr. Horrible from Someone Keeps Moving My Chair
Ubiquitous Coffee
"feel like a bee" - Hotel Detective
Rabid Child
"zombie talking of love" - Puppet Head
"cake keeps crumbling" - Not My Birthday

Page 10:

"people in the window" - Window
"dollar signs in their eyes" - Rhythm Section Want Ad
"beat up the cat" - I've Got a Match
Birdhouse in Your Soul
Meet James Ensor
"a tiny dancing skeleton" - Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes
Hotel Detective

Page 11:

Out of Jail
"expo 67" - Ana Ng and Purple Toupee
cracks in the ceiling - ?
wet paint on wall - ?
"glue my poster" - I Should Be Allowed to Think
Ubiquitous Coffee

Page 12:

I'll Sink Manhatten
Stormy Pinkness
"where's my cat (pink) pajamas" - ?
Bottle moving on own - ?
"a filthy scarecrow waves his broomstick arms" - Where Your Eyes Don't Go

Page 13:

"cooking up an angle" - No One Knows My Plans
"they raise a paw" - Mammel
Dinner Bell
The Bells are Ringing
"Please pass the milk, please" - Fingertips

Page 14:

Mrs. Train
Moving to the Sun
"see my teeth in the stars above" - You'll Miss Me
"just a guy" & "I lay my head on the railway tracks" - See the Constellation
"burn all the 'Ask Me...' buttons" - If I Wasn't Shy
"shut down at the car wash" - Puppet Head
"we were waving out arms out the window" & "paper white mask of evil" - Turn Around
"your head is on the moon" - Nightgown of the Sullen Moon
"by rocket to the moon" - Destination Moon
"Railroad Apartments" - Lucky Ball & Chain

As it has been many moons since I created this, I have forgotten some of the references. Until I remember them or someone remembers them for me, they'll remain a big ol' question mark.

Copyright 1998 Jason Hoffman


Did I miss something? Lemme know!