First of all, let me officially state that I hate the word "KUDO" and have, at various times in my life, actively sought out and persecuted those who work to further the spread of this word. But my lawyers have "strongly suggested" that this word be included for asthetic reasons. Thus, it is here.

I have received my first comment!

Dear Otis "Zzyzzyva" Spunkmeyer (if that's your REAL name):

I am writing in regards to your claim of 90% accuracy on your BPlus Chords site. Last night, I attempted to play "Goodnite" with my accoustic guitar and found it nearly impossible to play. I spent nearly 10 minutes working through the song in order to CORRECT the errors. Furthermore, the margin of error was much greater than 10%. The way I see it, there are 36 chords written out for the song and I had to make 17 corrections. Therefore, your version of "Goodnite" was only 53% accurate and I want my Llamas!


Dwight David Eisenhour
(no relation)


Dear Mr. Eisenhour,

Your Llamas are on their way! Well, 37% of your Llamas, that is.


Mrs. Butterworth