Originally posted in a bathroom stall at his day job, this dramatic retelling of his excursion at The Grammies eventually found it's way to The Choir web site.

Okay, the only article I have been able to dredge up so far is a short ditty AT THE END of a January 1991 CCM article on bass players. I tell ya, there just ain't no respect.

One more, more or less. The bio for Burger Roy Al!

From some CD credits, it is widely rumored that Tim is married to Maria Chandler, background vocalist extraordinaire on "The Shape of Air". No word yet on if there are little Chandlers causing mayhem in the universe.

As he knew all along, Tim is indeed married to Maria. Their second child was born in September on 97 (possibly 98). If you watch the end of the "Spittle and Pleghm" video, you will find Tim and Maria on vacation in England with Terry Taylor and his blushing bride. Then Tim gets the snot beat out of him by Greg Flesch during a concert.

Finally some concrete info thanks to The Choir Site! The names of the two Chandler children are Maxwell Donovan, born Feb 27, 1994, and Charlotte. Feel free to send them gifts and photos of your Tim Chandler action figure in your favorite pose! No birthday date was listed for Tim on that site, leading me to believe that he is perhaps of extraterrestial origin, which would explain a lot about his crazy bass noodlings!

Just an excerpt from an article stating that it was THE MAN himself who brought together Steve and Derri to form The Choir. Derri spake:
"Steve and Tim Chandler, who was our original bass player, went to college together. And Tim and I were playing in the band of a TV evangelist. So Tim mentioned to me that he knew a guy who played drums and he mentioned to Steve that he knew a guy who played guitar. We kind of got together from there. That was 1979-1980."