Those familiar with the work of Mr. Chandler must indeed think that I am quite insane. Why would anyone but the extreme masochist even ATTEMPT such a fiendish undertaking as listing every stinkin' album Tim has played on? To quote a pastor from my days past, "It must needs be done!" I couldn't have said it better myself!


Played in the Dwight Thompson band with Derri Dougherty every Wednesday night on the Jan and Paul Crouch TBN program. They were young and they needed the money.


John Fowler demo sessions
- along with Rob Watson, Dave Spurr and Randy Rigby


Daniel Amos ; Doppleganger
- bass guitar, 8-string and fretless basses, backing vocals and percussion


Lucky Stiffs (no albums)
- with Steve Hindalong on Drums and Milo Carter on Guitar & Lead Vocals
(contibution courtesy Tim Curiel)

Randy Stonehill : Equator
- bass guitar, lead guitar on "World Without Pain"


Daniel Amos : Vox Humana
- Lead guitars, 4 & 12 string bass, synthesizers, backing vocals

Randy Stonehill : Celebrate This Hearbeat
Stocking Head : title not known
(contribution courtesty Tim Curiel)

-various - What's Shakin' : Sharon McCall
- The entire DA band plays
(contribution courtesy Natividad Vasquez Jr.)


Daniel Amos : Fearful Symmetry
- Electric & Up-Right Bass, Electric Twelve-string Bass, Guitars

The Choir : Diamonds & Rain
- songwriting credit for "All That is You" and "Fear Only You"

Tonio K : Romeo Unchained

Defenders of the Cross (D.O.X.)
- Background vocals


Darn Floor, Big Bite : Daniel Amos
- Bass, Backing Vocals

Isaac Air Freight : Over Our Heads


The Swirling Eddies ; Let's Spin
- Writing credit for "Ed Takes A Vacation" and "Snowball"
- Need I mention "Hey fellas! Let's have a burger bash!"?

The Choir : Chase the Kangaroo

Tonio K : Notes from the Lost Civilization
- Arranging credit

Mike Stand : Do I Stand Alone?
- Guitar credit


The Swirling Eddies : Outdoor Elvis
- Bass & Trombone

The Choir : Wide-Eyed Wonder
- Robin played on this CD
- songwriting credit for "Spin You Round" and "Car, Etc."
- background vocals on "Happy Fool Faces"

Spittle & Phlegm - video

Played on the Phil Keaggy Sunday's Child tour


Dr. Daniel Edward Taylor : Miracle Faith Telethon
- Plays guitar on The Pool and Hide the Beer

Daniel Amos : Live Bootleg '82

Chuck Girard : Fire and Light

Jacob's Trouble : Knock, Breathe, Shine
- Plays bass on "These Thousand Hills"


Dan Michaels : Reveal
- Plays on "Pages From The Past", "Valadez in the Country" and "More Than Words"

Daniel Amos : Kalhoun
- Bass, additional guitars

Pierce Pettis : Tinseltown

At The Foot of the Cross Vol. 1

Tom Howard : Beyond the Barriers


No Sense of History
- Smokin' Globes "Roll the Stone Away" w/ Dave Raven and Greg Flesch
- Boy-O-Boy "She Makes Love With Her Eyes"

Randy Stonehill : Wonderama

John Austin : The Embarrassing Young

Forms "16 Tons of Monkeys" with Tonio K, Rob Watson and Dave Raven


Lost Dogs : Little Red Riding Hood
- plays on "Dunce Cap", "Eleanor, It's Raining Now" & "Pray Where You Are"

The Choir : Kissers & Killers

Daniel Amos : Motorcycle

Terry Scott Taylor : Knowledge and Innocence
- bass on "Gospel Medley" & electric guitar on "Here He Comes, Second Time"

Terry Scott Taylor : A Briefing for the Ascent

Browbeats : various
- bass on "Will Have to Do For Now" by Daniel Amos


The Choir : Speckled Bird
- lead writing credit for "Never More True" and "Spring"

Daniel Amos : Bibleland
- bass, (rhythm guitar on "Bibleland")

The Swirling Eddies : Zoom Daddy -
- "Plays bass and some occasional rhythm guitar"
- Songwriting credits on EVERY song! Finally, credit where it is due!
- Is that Tim on the back cover spinning out of control?

Riki Michelle : One Moment Please

Fernando Ortega : Hymns & Meditations

Strong Hand of Love - Mark Heard tribute
- Plays bass on the Choir cover of "Tip of My Tongue"

Orphans of God - Mark Heard tribute
- Plays bass on the DA cover of "Strong Hand of Love"


Daniel Amos : Songs of the Heart
- also plays trombone

The Choir : Love Songs & Prayers

The Swirling Eddies : The Berry Vest of The Swirling Eddies -


The Choir : Free Flying Soul

The Lost Dogs : The Green Room Serenade Part 1

The Swirling Eddies : Sacred Cows
- Bassist and Master Trombonist

Tattoo Video Hoople Volume 1


The Choir : Let It Fly

Terry Scott Taylor : Ten Gallon Hat

Eric Henderson - Faces


Terry Scott Taylor : John Wayne

Surfonic Water Revival : compilation
- bass for House Band

Meat the Farm Beetles
- Paul Bob : vocals, bass, plough
- Tim, um, Paul sings over half the songs!

SkullMonkeys Soundtrack

Steve Hindalong : Skinny
- lead and rhythm guitar of "Diggin' Your Style"

Tonio K : Rodent Weekend 1976-1996

Daniel Amos : Our Personal Favorite World Famous Hits


Dean-O & Dynamos : Soul Surfin

Lost Dogs : Best of the Lost Dogs

Joined cult. Gave bass and personal collection of SPAM from around the world to cult leader Julio VonSnapple.


Fernando Ortega : Home

The Choir : Flap Your Wings
- Fuzzy guitar and songwriting credit on
"Shiny Floor", "Sunny", and "I Don't Mean Any Harm"

Terry Scott Taylor and Friends : Ruckus at the Edge of Nowhere

Daniel Amos : Alarma Chronicles

Daniel Amos : Live at C2K

The Choir : Live at C2K

Lost Dogs : Best Of


Fernando Ortega : Camino Largo

Daniel Amos : Mr. Buechner's Dream

Lost Dogs : Real Men Cry

Daniel Amos : When Everyone Wore Hats

some nameless guy whose wife hates creative bass


Riki Michele : Surround Me

Fernando Ortega : Storm
- bass for Come, Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy; Cristina's Dream; Jesus Paid It All

Fernando Ortega : Night of Your Return (fretless bass)

A custom project that none of us will ever hear

Adore project

City on A Hill : Sing Alleluia


Lost Dogs : Nazarene Crying Towel


The Choir : Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen


Lost Dogs : The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees


The Swirling Eddies : The Midget, The Speck and the Molecule


Jerry Oliver : Death of the Avant-Garde (3 songs)


The Choir : Burning Light the Midnight Sun

Lost Dogs : Old Angel


The Choir : The Loudest Sound ever Heard


Daniel Amos : Dig Here Said The Angel

Rick Elias : Job


The Choir : Shadow Weaver


The Choir : Bloodshot

Tim plays Bass guitars, Lead Guitars, rhythm guitar, trombone

Official Band Member status includes Daniel Amos (1983-present), The Choir (1979-present),The Swirling Eddies (known as "Burger Roy Al", 1988-present)

LET ME KNOW of any and all that I've missed.
last updated 10-8-18, a day that will live in infamy