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DATEThe Latest Breaking NEWS !SOURCE
07-02-97The Neverhood Music CD Is Here!
This just cut and pasted from The Neverhood Web Site.....
neverhood music cd The long awaited Terry Taylor creation, The Neverhood music CD is here. With over 38 tracks of good time toe-tappin' tunes, this CD is already a classic. And of course the lyrics will be provided in case you haven't already learned the words. The CD's are 12 bucks each plus 3 bucks shipping and handling. This CD is ONLY available through this special website offer because all of you Neverhood fans wanted it! California residents please add 7.75% sales tax, which is 93 cents. For those of you outside of these contiguous United States of America, please add five U.S. bucks for shipping and handling.
To Order:
Send check or money order to:
The Neverhood House Of Stuff
P.O. Box 99
Lake Forest, Ca 92630
Neverhood Merchandise
06-22-97lOST eDDIE just awoke from a coma, do to the lack of new Terry Taylor music. Much to my surprise upon awakening I find out that John Wayne, and the sound track to The Neverhood computer game, will be available at Cornerstone. But now I'm ready to go back into my coma. Rumor has it that Stunt Records is being sold, don't know what that means, if anything. Again it's a rumor. And John Wayne will not be available at C-Stone.
You can read about it (they don't mention the sale of Stunt) at the Stunt Web Site, click on the link to the right.
Stunt's News Page
06-22-97Other news I've missed while in my coma......

Even though John Wayne will not be ready for C-Stone, The Neverhood sound track will still be available. And for those of us who lapse into comas, Stunt is working on a special pre-release rough mix EP of some of the songs from John Wayne, which will be personally signed and numbered by Terry. Only a 1000 will be pressed.

Kevin Fifield's DA/Eddies/Dogs/TST web site was going to be no more, until Rob (sorry don't know his last name) gave it a new home at Stop on by and let Rob know what you think.
Do you Remember that Terry was doing the music for another video game? I have a report that it's called Skullmonkeys, on the Sony playstation only. Can anyone else confirm this?
04-28-97The Horrendous Disc Web Site has been update. Swing on by at
04-17-97JOHN WAYNE
Release Just Around The Corner!

Swirly says that John Wayne should be available by the time Cornerstone rolls around.
Kevin V. Fifield
This just flew into lOSTeDDIES e-mail inbox.

Guadalupe (Adam Again) and John Wayne (Terry Taylor) are ready for near future release soon as a new label deal is signed. As for Green Room II (Lost Dogs), it's still being mixed so it'll be a while.

I just pulled this from the Neverhood Web Site's mail bag.

I wanted to ask if you plan on making a soundtrack CD the Neverhood music? I really like the music, and tape recorder doesn't do a good enough job. My compliments on the awesome, fantastic, totaly cool game. I love it.

Dear Chris,
Sorry to hear that your bootleg didn't work out, but there is good news on the way. Doug sez that the soundtrack will soon be made available to you, the general public.
Happy Trails,
Willie Nillie

03-21-97The following was passed on to me from a fellow fan:
The Cornerstone page posted Terry's schedule: Sunday, 7 PM, the Compassion Gallery Stage...
To quote the rock of offense:
A Twenty-Year Retrospect The ultimate innovator of Christian music, Terry Taylor pushed the limits of music long before anyone else in more ways than ever thought possible. His style, wit and humor have spawned a legion of bands including Daniel Amos, DA, da, Swirling Eddies, Dr. Daniel Edward Taylor, and the Lost Dogs. Current projects include background music for computer game The Neverhood, and the theme song for the new CBS Saturday morning cartoon "Project GeeKeR". Terry will be assembling as many musicians as possible from these projects to give listeners an overview of his remarkable career.

PC Games magazine has in recent months, heaped all sorts of praise on The Neverhood. Their 3rd annual Murphy Awards gave the talented Terry Taylor the award for best music. PC Games said of Taylorís soundtrack, ďhis ingenious retro score creates an audio environment that perfectly complements the rich fantasy of Klaymenís quest. They also gave Mike, Doug and Eric the award for best animation in a video game by proclaiming, Clay animation has rarely looked better on any screen...
03-15-97A Twenty Year Retrospect is the name for the performance by "Terry Taylor and Friends" at Cornerstone '97. According to Cornerstone officials, Terry is "assembling as many members of all previous bands" for this show.
The above text was taken from the Daniel Amos - A Page For Mr. Amos web site. Please stop by his web site for futher information on this as he gets it.
Daniel Amos - A Page For Mr. Amos
03-04-97I pull the following text from the Mark Heard News Group.

this is from page 22 of March 1997 _Interactivity_ magazine
"We were really lucky to get Terry Taylor to work on the music. I actually listen to his CDs while drawing or working on stuff. It's kind of quirky and fun to begin with, and that's exactly what we wanted for The Neverhood." --Doug TenNapel, The Neverhood


New Swirling Eddies Album in '97?

This is a direct cut and paste from the Stunt Web site,
"Watch for a new Eddies project this year-1997!"
Stunt Web Site
02-25-97John Wayne Update
I'm sorry to report that Terry's album, JohnWayne, is still without a record label. Until a label picks it up it will be the greatest unheard Terry album to date.
I'm so depressed!
This is also the fate of the Lost Dogs Green Room... Pt. 2.
Rumor / Half Truth
02-20-97Check out this Vox Humana web page,
designed by fellow DA fan Curtis Borders.
Vox Humana
02-13-97Terry Taylor and Friends at CornerStone '97
The CornerStone Site lists Terry Taylor and Friends as confirmed artists
CornerStone '97 Web Site
02-08-97Stunt Records Web Site has make another addition to their Interviews section. This one is titled "Terry Scott Taylor - After The Alter Call", and first appeared in the October '95 issue of CCM Magazine. Stunt Web Site
02-08-97DA CDs for SALE!
You can know order CDs from the Stunt Web Site. Here's a taste of what's there.
DA - Alarma - $10
DA - Doppelganger - $10
DA - Vox Humana - $10
Terry Scott Taylor - Knowledge & Innocence - $10
(Shipping and Handling is only $3 per order.)
Stunt Records Order Form
02-02-97Terry Taylor is teaming up again with Doug TenNapel for another video game, this time for the Sony Playstation. It's said to be the sequel to the Neverhood Swirly
01-23-97Lost Dogs Concert !
April 12, 1997 The Dogs perform at The New Union in Minneapolis, MN
Steve Johnson
01-21-97 Stunt Record's Web Site has under gone another facelift. There is now an online catalog, updated Swirling Eddies page, and new graphics through out the site.Stunt Web Site
01-08-97There is now a DA Discussion List. I'm not quite sure who is responsiable for it. Here's the e-mail I received about it.

Welcome to the Daniel Amos Discussion List. This list is primarily for discussion of Daniel Amos, Terry Scott Taylor and the Lost Dogs. Enjoy!
How to subscribe is simple... send email to with the message body "subscribe dadl your name" (No quotes and replace your name with your full name.)

12-16-96Terry has begun writing a book of memoirs of his childhood. He started with the intention of chronicling some of the more interesting musical anecdotes from the early years, but as it went along he was continually drawn further back into his youth. One rough chapter is included in the new Essays section on the Stunt Records Web Site.Stunt Web Site
12-16-96Stunt Records Web Site is back up, with additions. New to the site is the Essays and Interviews sections. The Essays section includes four essays, one by Tom Gulotta and three by Terry Taylor. There's only one interview so far, this one was originaly published in the summer '94 issue of True Tunes New .Stunt Web Site
12-13-96This is a Rumor!
SubLime Records is going to buy the new Terry S. Taylor album, John Wayne, from Brainstorm and put it out in the spring.
Has anybody heard anything offical about this?
12-07-96Stunt Records Web Site has been down, maybe it's undergoing changes.lOSTeDDIE
11-11-96The 1st episode of Project G.e.e.K.e.R. didn't use Terry's Music. Terry's wasn't put on 'till the 2nd episode. So I've got a new sound file on the G.e.e.K.e.R. page.
Note you'll need Real Audio version 3.0.
Tom & Me
11-10-96The solo project (Terry's) is on hold. I guess there's some doubt as to the continuation of Brainstorm as a label. Not sure what that means for the album.
Hopefully it'll come out on Stunt or Alarma or somewhere.
11-06-96Terry's solo album, John Wayne, release date has been updated to "in limbo."Stunt Web Site
11-06-96Terry has been writing music for a CD-rom game called The Neverhood.
It will be in stores November 7th, for IBM only.
Stunt Web Site
10-05-96Terry Taylor has written the theme music for a new Saturday morning cartoon on CBS, Project G.eeK.eR., that airs at 8:30am.Stunt Web Site
06-27-96New Swirling Eddies album, Sacred Cows, released on Star SongTruth
04-06-96Rumored that Phydeaux Records will release CD version of DA's Horrendous Disk.RUMOR

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