Below are the songs that have already been requested. I personally don't see a problem with having two versions of the same song but that's just me. THIS PROJECT IS NEW AND IMPROVED WITH AN APRIL 30, 2003 DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS! I plan to update this page as songs are "pledged" and as they are received, with perhaps a sneak peek or two along the way.

N E W S !

4-25-3 - More songs have come to papa! Midiboy rolls in with "Sentimental Song" and JoyTree clubs us with "About Love"!

1-1-3 - NEW, dogmatic deadline imposed by das fuhrer. Be there or be some kind of shape object. Also, all "dibs" are off unless you've actually begun to record.

6-4-2 - Updated page to include recent "re-dibs" on songs. If you missed out the first time now is your chance!

10-16-1 - I finally got the song from my band (um, duo?) finished! Check below for the link to a sound sample from Merciful Eyes!

8-6-1 - Chase the Kangaroo is in my hot little hands! Sure wish more songs would come this way...

7-9-1 - Another song! Actually, three! Bryan Stacks sent in Sentimental Song, Gripped, and To Cover You. Also, the other half of Fluid Imbibers came up this weekend and we recorded the guitar, lead vocal, and congos for Merciful Eyes. More work to do on my behalf but I hope to have the song done by August.

6-19-1 - The first song -Leprechaun- has come home to roost!

CD Time Remaining: about 40 minutes

Joy TreeAbout Love -DONE
MidiboySentimental Song -DONE
Jason JonesLeprechaun -DONE
Anthony DeBarrosChase the Kangaroo -DONE
Bryan StacksA Sentimental Song -DONE
Fluid ImbibersMerciful Eyes -DONE
john (jokrman)Amazing-DONE BUT NOT RECEIVED

Going... going...

Christy Smith(Lark)Beautiful Scandelous Night
Stephanie the Moon GoddessIf You're Listening
Jason HoffmanWilderness or Butterfly or The Warbler
Rob MarnochaTear For Tear/About Love
Heather BennetLove Your Mind
Nick KlemppA Moment In Time
Brian MertonBlue Skies
Marty BrandtThe Chicken/The Rifleman
Boris EgorovGrace
James ?Weathergirl
Adam ZunigaSpin You Around
Completed submissions should be sent to:
Jason Hoffman
1848 Crescent Ave
Fort Wayne, IN 46805

I prefer CD-R WAV or better format (my studio takes up to 48000 sampling at 20 bit) but I have access to equipment where I can use just about any format up to 24 bit... except 8 track.

And yes, this page is generic, which is why I'm not handling the artwork. Any takers?

Last updated 4-25-3