Black Gold Fever

      G                       D                          G
Goin' down to Texas where you can't see the top of their hats
       G                                                        D  
That's fat-cat country, "Thank you, honey, put the money in the sack"
       G                         C 
Makin' oil my middle name, gonna play the rich man's game
      G                  D                      G
Goin' down to Texas, I'm ready, Paul Getty step back

             G                       D                     G
I've got the black gold fever and my temperature's runnin' high
              G                                            D
You've got to quench your thirst when your mouth is cotton dry
         G                              C
And just like the preacher's call, I've gotta go, that's all
       G                      D                G
I want black gold livin', I'm givin' my luck a try

C                                 G
"Black gold fever", my momma said 
C                                               G
"Will leave you flat and cold and probably dead 
C                                 Em 
Listen to your heart and not your head, boy
I'm prayin' you get the gospel fever instead"

Well, I hear the "clickity-clack" of the railroad track
Goin' down there, son, where the gold is black
       G                                           D
Though somethin's tellin' me somethin' ain't right 
Put the Bible back on the shelf
Said, son get a hold of yourself
         G                       D                G
You want black gold livin' there ain't no lookin' back

Well, I cancelled my order when I crossed over
And the train hit the border line
And my Bible-beltin' momma and the words she spoke
Suddenly came to mind 
I said the words she spoke to me
Brought me to my ever-lovin' knees
              G                    D               G 
That's when I left that black gold fever forever behind

C                                 G 
"Black gold fever", my momma said 
C                                                G
"Will leave you flat and cold and probably dead" 
C                                    Em
So I listened to my heart and not my head
Now I've got that Gospel fever
Got that Gospel fever
D               C                    G
Got that Gospel fever, praise God, instead!

Copyright 1977 Maranatha! Music
Transcribed by Mike Murphy, formatting by B+ Chords