We Don't Need No Colour Code

Intro:G  D/A/D/A   A D/A     A D/A   A D/A  Em(D) / G#

A D/A/G# Down in Carolina way A D/A/C# Lived a man name o' Big B.J. D7 D/A/G# B.J. went and got a school A D/A/Eb Founded on causasian rule E A/E/G# Bumper sticker on his Ford A G/A/C Says "Honkies If You Love The Lord". CHORUS C We don't need to colour code, we don't need to colour code F Take your rules and hit the road C We don't need to color code. G Judgement day is goin' down C Better burn your cap and gown. A D/A A D/A A D/A Em(D) D/A/D White man speak with forked tongue White supremists eat their young. Bigotry is on the loose. Ignorance is no excuse. I know Jesus loves that man Even with a Greenville tan. Chorus A D/A A D/A A D/A Em(D) D/A/D Marching to Pretoria Colour codes in churches, huh? Following the faschist creed. Whose translation do you read? True believers won't be snowed We don't need to colour code. Chorus C C7 F C G C A G/A Copyright 1983 C.A. Music/Birdwing Music/Cherry Lane Music Publishing

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