We Always Come Home

     Bb    /       F          C
Father was born by Daisy May Welch
Eb  /  Bb                                  C/F
Mister was a bother, never learned to drive.
Bb/F                                  C
In the old house his brother's first son
Eb/B                            Fm?/  G              F
Next to where the eldest died when I was a child of five.

Bb1/Dm1/Bb1/C1  C
We always come home.
Bb/Eb/Bb/C      C
We always come home.
Bb/Dm/Bb/C      C
We always come home.
Bb/Eb/D/C       Bb
We always come home.

Bb /F                                 C
Mother was a smart one, ran the town news
Eb/Bb                                   C/F
A thing they called "The Diamond Drill".
Bb /F                                    C
Father worked the lifts at the old Tobin mine
Eb/B                          Fm?/  G                      F
He always loved his saxophone but he had to keep us all alive.


C/Dm Bb/C
Another time, would you be brave enough?
There's no more growing up.
Gm  /             Eb
See the crystal falling
Gm  /             Eb
Hear the old town calling.
C/Dm                       Bb/C
Another place, but do you dream enough
Afraid of waking up
Gm    /         Eb
See the Crystal Falling
Gm    /            Eb    
Hear the old town calling you away
Gm Gm

Bb /F                                   C
Grandma's buried on the big hill since fall
Eb/Bb                           C/F
Right next to where grandpa lies
Bb /F                                            C
They've gone away but they've saved a place for me
Eb/B                          Fm?/  G              F
That's where I'll be some day and it's so good to know


Copyright 1990 No Tomato Music/Canvas Mattress Music
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