Happily Married Man

I don't cheat on my woman, there's no adultry in my heart,
Divorce has gone big business, to fool around is really in.
Now if I had a woman waiten in every town, 

  E                                                                B7
So my songs may not be sorted enough to make it on the country charts.
People dress them up and call them love afairs, but God just calls it sin.
I'd have enough songs for a album or two, tell'en how I'd fooled around,

   E                                                               A
Clean liv'en may not sell records,          I ain't looken for any fans, 
All they need is the good Lords guidance,  the salvation of His Mighty hand,
But I won't sing about a two tim'en life, like some of those super stars can, 

            B7                             A        E 
I have a happily married woman, and I'm a happily man.  
And fine a happily married woman, for a happily married man. 
And I may not have a hit, but in spite of it, I'm a happily married man. 

E             B7                     A            E
Happily  Marr - ied - man   Signed sealed and faithful.
 E                                                       B7
From the beginning that's the way the Good Lord had it planned.
E                                         A                   E
And when it comes to being hitched, I'd rather fight than switch,
              B7                         A              E 
and fine a happily married woman, for a happily married man.

Transcription by Secret Scripts - http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Stadium/2000/coco.html
Formatting by B+ Chords http://BPlusChords.tripod.com