It Is What It Is (What It Is)

Intro Dm  bass: d c  a g# g f d

Dark drive down the five at seventy-five
I am destitute and stranded
Sense to be made, I am afraid
I need to understand it
Ask a stupid question
You get a sideways quote
The reasonable would demand it
It is what it is (what it is)

Thirty years old
Naked and cold
A child without a mission
There always is a deadline
And that's fine
I'll follow the tradition
My audience is bated
I've got it by the throat
The monumental big decision
It is what it is

Dm  Gm
      It is what it is what it is  play 4X

What is it?
What kind?
What type?
What brand?
What influenced its origin?
Well, five in a room
Alive, empty tomb
The fear of doing nothing
A foolish apparition
A donkey in a zebra's coat
All I know is what I'll say
This one thing
It is what it is (what it is)
It is what it is (what it is)

The Dm might be followed by an F or a Dm/C

Copyright 1992 Chenka Chenka Music ASCAP

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