What Would Jesus Do

C     C+          C    C+
Little child in the dark
Dm      Am        Gsus  G
Homeless one in the park
C     C+                C    C+
Not attracted to pleasant places
Dm              Am                      Bb    Gsus  G
He was drawn to broken hearts and lonely faces

C                   G(B)
What would Jesus say, what would Jesus do
Am                               C(G)
Where would Jesus go, we've got to go there, too
F                     Dm                       Gsus   G
He wants to love them, love them through me and you
C                            G(B)
We must be His voice, we must be His hands
       Am                     C(G)
We must show His heart so they understand
F                     Dm                       Gsus
Brothers and sisters, we've got a job to do
G                   C
A labour of love to do.

Do you hear the lost ones cry
Will you stop or walk on by
Now he waits for us to start
To be the expression of the Father's heart


F                 G
Can you feel the pain He feels
       C           C(B)
As He weeps for His own
Let's dry His tears
    G                Am       C(G)
And bring His wayward children home

Copyright 1981 Straightway Music - ASCAP , CCM August 1990

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