Hey, John Wayne

Intro: E/E7 

E7                                                A7             
The mighty grunion are rising up and storming the beach
E7                                                        A7
And on the toll road the trolls are slipping out of their leash 

D    A    E
Hey, John Wayne 
D            A              E
It's good to see you when I get off the plane 
     D      A               E
Your bronze skin has turned pale 
He says "Pilgrim, tell me how did I fail?" 

E7                                          A7
On Fascist Island the reservoir is taking a leak 
E7                                                      A7
The money boys and boy toys are sexually reaching their peak 

D    A    E
Hey, John Wayne 
D            A                E
We can't get credit and we're feeling your pain 
       D A    E
Mother Marion says 
"My hands are bleeding and I wish I were dead!" 

Coming down with deep neurosis 
Carcinoma, ketosis 
It's the Big C for my Sharona 
We got that O.C. melanoma 

D    A    E
Hey, John Wayne, 
D        A                  E 
We never meant to take your name in vain 
        D     A   E
He says "It's too late 
I guess I'll always be your patron saint" 

So please release us, put back the pieces 
Heal our diseases, extend our leases 
The well has run dry, We need a tough guy 
We need a dead eye to save us from the mess that we're in 

Hey John 
Hey John Wayne 
Hey Duke! 

E7                                                      A
A majestic mighty warrior is rising up and storming the beach... 

Copyright 1998 Twitchen Vibes (BMI)
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