Meat the Press

INTRO: |: C F/Bb   Ab Eb/G(D)  C F/Bb  D :|

     Cm             Gm(Bb) / Cm    Gm / G
In a ninety floor Manhatten address
        Cm                 Gm(Bb) / Cm      G
Lives a watchdog called the National Press.
     Cm                Gm(Bb) /    Cm    Gm / G
And around his collar's written the lines
        Cm            Gm(Bb) /  Cm      G7
"The Protector Of Our Hearts and Minds."

Cno3 / Ano3 / Bbno3    F / G
Cno3 / Ano3 / Bbno3    F / G
Cno3            Ano3 / Bbno3                      F / G
Hark! Hark!  The dog will bark and we believe this hierarch.
   C                A/Bb                                    F/G
But read between the lines and see this dog's been barking up the wrong tree.

|: C  F/Bb         Ab Eb / G(D)  C  F / Bb       G :|
   Meet the press!               Meet the press!

When the ratings point the camera's eye
They can state the facts while telling a lie.

And the watchdog shows to the viewers at ten
He's a bloodhound with a pad and pen.
no vocals
Can't pin the blame, he's out of reach
Just call the dog "His Royal Leech"
We held the rights for heaven's sake
'Till we gave this sucker an even break


When the godless chair the judgement seat
We can thank the godless media elite.
They can silence those who fall from their grace
With a note that says we haven't the space.

Well looky there, the dog's asleep
Whenever we march or say a peep.
A Christian can't get equal time
Unless he's a loony committing a crime.
Listen up if you've got ears
I'm tired of condescending sneers.
I've got a dog who smells a fight
He still believes in wrong and right!


OUTRO:    G   C Bb(C) / F / C

Copyright 1983 C.A. Music/Birdwing Music/Cherry Lane Music Publishing

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