The Pig Song

Tuning Instructions: just pull a few strings down a step or two, until
the guitar sounds horribly out of tune. :-)


1 ----------------------------2-2-2-2
2  -33--0-33-30---------------3-3-3-3
3 2---23-------2--------------2-2-2-2
4 --------------44-0-24-44-2-0-------
5 -------------------------------0---
6 -----------------------------------

We was driving down the road
G                 D
Doing what would please us
G                D
Talking how the wise men
Bm          A
Found baby Jesus

[tab] 5 0-2-4

We was on our way
G           D
To do some gigs
G                  D
Hit the brakes too late
Bm               D
Runned over some pigs

[tab] 4 0-2-4

G                 D
Pigs, pigs, I got nothin' agin 'em
G                 G
But if you's had many pigs
Bm                    A
You oughta learn how to pen 'em

[tab]5 0-2-4
*spoken* 'Now this is the sad part...'

Buy you a watch dog
G                 D
And name that dog Rover
G                         D
To keep yer pigs off the road
         A                  G           D
So they don't git runned overrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

*spoken* 'It's a true story'

Transcribed by Jeremy Vis 
B+ Chords