No Regrets

Intro:   Em  G  A   4X

I think about you often
      G          A       Em    G  A
But I don't know what to do
'Cause I don't have the courage
                        G      A        Em        G  A 
Or I don't have the strength to make it up to you
       Bm       D               Em
It's a solitary part I'm playing
Born an actor
D                  Em
What a foolish line I am so fond of saying
"I've no regrets"
If I could do anything
Anything at all
I would never let time take you
D  C    Em  Bm
   So far away
Em   G  A   
Em   G  A

I've got a picture of you in '62
       G    A       Em    G  A
With a baby on your knee
Em                                           G
The faces are familiar, they remind me of my loss
  A    Em     G  A
I am a refuge
    Bm        D             Em
Now everybody listens to me
Bm     D               Em
I keep waiting for the day when they'll all see right through me
And my "No Regrets"
C                              Em
But if I could be anyone again, anywhere at all
I would be that child in your arms
D  C  Em  Bm 

Em G A  4x for interlude

I got a woman now who loves me
          G         A      Em   G  A
I got the pink slip for my car
I got a little place, the rent is cheap
I got a band who plays my songs
G           A   Em     G  A
  Life's not so hard
Bm                            D                Em
But in the rear view mirror a bridge is burning
Bm           D 
And now I've wasted another year
The hardest thing I'm learning about my regrets is

C                                Em 
Though I cannot do anything again, Anything at all
C                                 D    C    Em   Bm
Today I could have, I should have made that call
Em            G    A
I should have made that call

Em   G A repeat to end

Copyright 1990 Chenka Chenka Music
Written by Gene Eugene
Transcribed by B Plus Chords