Intro C#m  

C#m  bass:  c# e f# g# b c# e f# c#
Am I learning patience?
Is my spirit restored?
Do I listen to the beggar
Or the woman in the door?
E        D
Aces and eights
C  E          D
We cry at the gates
C  E        D
Remembering hate
C   E            D  C    C#m
The wild and the waiting child

Night of nights
Sight of sights

Among the hidden
The rhymes and the stories remain
Spending three years
Alternately blocked and drained
E          D
Workers in song
C  E          D    C  E
We noticed so long a--go
Tarry on
C   E         D
The weary are strong
D  C#m
So strong

Light of lights
Fight of fights

Crime and pain, life and liberty, wind, rain, politics and greed
Her face stained with sorrow
sub lyrics
    Songwork chase, steal and borrow
    Write something down
    Write it down now
    Dylan and Cohen
    Van Zandt (Townes)
    Cry baby cry
    You know more than I
    A wink and a sigh
    A wink and a sigh

C#m  with above bass

Copyright 1992 Chenka Chenka Music ASCAP

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