Violent Blue

  C  G      C  G   (4x)

G                          D  
Hey, don't I know you from some other life
         Em                        G  
You were wide-eyed and green and a little bit taller
        C               G               A    D  
And you didn't look away    when spoken to
Do you still take two sugars
You seem a little tense
      Em                        G  
And I can't help but notice how hard you appear
       C                    G  
When I look into your eyes
          A      D  
A violent blue
       Bm             Em  
Was it sudden, was it clean
Or were there a lot of shades in between?
Step away!
  C  G      C  G   (4x)

G                       D  
Hey, are you with me or don't you recall 
         Em                    G  
When the perfume of belief was all we needed
C                       G           A       D  
  It's was all we needed to set our sights
   G                          D  
So when did you throw out the rest of the world
Em                        G  
Deaf from the din of your self-righteous babble
C                      G                   A      D  
   I think you've been blinded by your own light
       Bm              Em  
Was it hatred?  Was it pride?
Or did you just have a lot to hide?
Go away!
  C  G      C  G   (4x)

vamp - a measure each  Am   Em   Am   Em  

Am                  Em  
Passion to ashes to smouldering ruin
Bathed in your violence?
   Are you in there
    Are you in there

  C  G      C  G   (4x)

     G              D  
Am I boring you?  I could say more
        Em                       G  
We were headed for somewhere but that was before
        C                           G           A       D  
You traded in your peace sign for a finger.
      G                        D  
And I don't believe it was the way you were raised
       Em                        G  
Or the cards you were dealt or a poor self image.
            C                 G           A       D  
I think you love yourself too much.
          Bm                  Em  
You wanna rule some sovereign state.  
You wanna smother with all that hate.
Go away!
  C  G      C  G   (4x)
G   D   Em   G   C   G   A   D    G
Na na nas 

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