| F | Gm | A | Dm |

F	        Gm
There is a reason
     A	                 Dm
And I don't know what it is
F	      Gm
A bloody season
	         A		                     Dm
Well, I've heard that these things happen
Bb   F    Gm   C
Worldwide Worldwide
Dm	         Bb	     F
Don't think I'll ever understand it
	       (Gm)    C    Dm
Don't think it matters if I do
Dm	      Bb
Three billion people in the world
      F           C
And I only know a few
     Dm   Bb   C
Worldwide Worldwide

F            Gm
Tears on the driver's side
    A              Dm
His head is in his hands
F           Gm
Voice of an angel silenced
       A               Dm
By the whim of another man
     Bb   F     Gm   C
It's worldwide, worldwide
Dm         Bb                F
But we all love that desert thunder
            (Gm)      C     Dm
We put some stickers on our bumper
Dm            Bb
Three billion nothings in the world
           F       C
Why should anybody bother?
     Dm    Bb   C
Worldwide, Worldwide

(Instrumental break with the verse chords)

Dm         Bb		  F
What about Headman Shabalala?
	     (Gm)        C	
Does anybody care about justice?
Dm	      Bb
Three billion people in the world
        F	         C
And his spirit weeps for all of us
Dm        Bb   C    F   
Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide

Notes: The Gm in parenthesis can be replaced by a C but if you listen closely to the record Iím pretty sure you can hear that Gm. As for the instrumental break, itís pretty simple but effective. Iíll transcribe it if thereís a popular demand. Also Gene drops the Dm do Dsus2 to create a little melody. Listen to the record and youíll hear what I mean. By the way, does anyone out there disagree that this is the best song ever written both musically as well as lyrically?
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Note: The the A might be an Am

Copyright 1992 Chenka Chenka Music ASCAP Used without permission but with sincere adoration. Rest in peace, Gene. Transcribed by Mark E