Someday written by: Michael W. Smith & Wayne Kirkpatrick Sexual harassment - nuclear reactors Natural disasters from here to L.A. Drug importers New world order Wars over borders Murder on the subway The social classes - the high rise of taxes Diplomats are passive with a promise again Talk of recession - people in depression Dow Jones, bank loans, the Japanese yen (CHORUS 1) I wait for kingdom come When love will be here to stay It will change us, everyone Someday, someday Violence in the movies Drive-by shootings Rioting and looting With the boys in the hood Cults and religions Deadly premonitions Fiery oppositions Evil battling good Aids awareness Temporary marriage Pro-life, pro-choice Roe V. Wade Ethics and the media Tabloid T.V. The Kennedy conspiracy The trial of O.J. (CHORUS 2) I wait for kingdom come When love will be here to stay It will change us everyone Someday, someday There peace will make a stand And the anger will fall away We'll see the lion with the lamb Someday, someday, someday (REPEAT CHORUS 2) 1995 O'Ryan Music, Inc. (ASCAP)/ Emile Boothe, Inc. / Magic Beans Music (BMI) Administered by Reunion Music Publishing Help You Find Your Way words and music by Chris Rodriguez, Wayne Kirkpatrick, and Michael W. Smith It can be wise Or it can be a paradox To seek solace in your solitude And when it feels Like you're living in a box You need someone who believes in you A promise true when tried I'll be right here by your side So whenever your need be Know that you can lean on me (CHORUS) I'll help you find your way I'll help you find your way When you're last in all the madness When you're blinded by your doubt When you need someone to be there for you I'll help you find your way Don't keep your thoughts Locked behind your cellar door All shrouded in a mystery Just let them out That's what friends are for To give without giving the "third degree" No need to be ashamed I've been thru' it just the same So when your path misleads you Know that you can count on me (CHORUS) 1987 Acuff - Rose Music, Inc. (BMI)/ Emily Boothe Music, Inc. (BMI)/ Milene Music, Inc. (ASCAP)