Hot Cha: The Book

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About this Book

The idea for this book came about when I was visiting ein freund, who shall be referred to simply as King Emu, and we were comparing and contrasting our favorite types of cheeses when suddenly, we looked up at each other over a plate of Brie and we both knew: there is lack of quality books for kids based upon songs by They Might Be Giants. This in mind, King Emu told me to do something about it and immediately went off to impregnate his wife... again. Over the next few months, he and I conferred by e-mail and came up with a number of ideas, most of which are contained in this book. Thus, as you read this simple book, you will notice visual clues to dozens of other TMBG songs. Try to find all 99 if you can. If you can't, click there for a list of consciously inserted images.

The Choice

You are presented with a choice to make... a difficult choice. To view this book, you must choose betwixt the larger, more detailed images that take longer to load and cannot be seen without scrolling or the skanky, small, puny images that can ALMOST fit onto one 800X600 page, even if the colors reduce to a strange, blocky pattern. The choice is yours...

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