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DA/TST/SE Chords and Tabs

Daniel AmosShotgun AngelHorrendous DiscAlarma!Doppleganger
Vox HumanaFearful SymmetryDarn Floor Big BiteKalhounMotorcycle
BiblelandSongs of the HeartMr. Buechner's Dream
Let's SpinOutdoor ElvisZoom Daddy
Knowledge & InnocenceA Briefing for the AscentJohn WayneAvocade FaultlineNeverhoodMiscellaneous

Daniel Amos

Jesus Is Jehovah To Me
The Bible
Prelude: Servant's Prayer
Don't Light Your Own Fire
Losers & Winners
Walk On Water
Ridin' Along
Dusty Road
Love in a Yielded Heart
Skeptic's Song
Happily Married Man
Ain't Gonna Fight It

Shotgun Angel

Days and Nights
Black Gold Fever
Praise Song
Father's Arms
Shotgun Angel
Finale: Bereshith Overture
Lady Goodbye
The Whistler
He's Gonna Do A Number On You
Sail Me Away
Posse in the Sky

Horrendous Disc

I Love You #19
I Love You #19- drum Midi tracks
Hound of Heaven
(Near Sighted Girl With Approaching) Tidal Wave
Sky King
On The Line
I Believe In You
Man In The Moon
Never Leave You
Horrendous Disc


Central Theme
Big Time, Big Deal
My Room
Faces To The Window
Cloak & Dagger
Colored By
C&D Reprise
Through The Speakers
Hit Them
Baby Game
Shedding the Mortal Coil
Endless Summer
Walls of Doubt
Ghost of the Heart
No Shaceship
Out of Town


Hollow Man
Mall (All Over the World)
Real Girls
New Car!
Do Big Boys Cry
Youth With A Machine
The Double
Distance & Direction
Memory Lane
Angels Tuck You In
Little Crosses
Autographs For The Sick
I Didn't Build It For Me Guitar and Bass tab
Here I Am
Hollow Man (Reprise)

Vox Humana

Rocket Packs
Home Permanent
It's Sick
William Blake
Dance Stop
Dance Stop - Bass Tab
Live and Let Live
When Worlds Collide
As the World Turns
She's All Heart
The Incredible Shrinking Man

Fearful Symmetry

A Sigh For You
The Pool
Sleep Silent Child
Neverland Ballroom
Strong Points, Weak Points
Instruction Thru Film
When Moonlight Sleeps
Sudden Heaven
Shadow Catcher
Beautiful One

Darn Floor Big Bite

Return of the Beat Menace
Strange Animals
Darn Floor, Big Bite
Darn Floor, Big Bite - Bass Tab
Earth Household
Safety Net
Safety Net - Bass Tab
Pictures of a Gone World
Divine Instant
Half Light, Epoch & Phase
The Unattainable Earth
The Shape of Air


Big, Warm, Sweet Interior Glowing
If You Want To
I Will Return
Tracking the Amorous Man
Virgin Falls
Prayer Wheel
Note To Anna
Father Explains
Gate Of The World


Banquet at the World's End
Traps, Ensnares
Hole In The World
What's Come Over Me
Buffalo Hills
So Long
Grace is the Smell of Rain
Wise Acres
So Long Again


Broken Ladders to Glory
Theo's Logic
Low Crawls & High Times
Out In The Cold
The Bubble Bursts
Pete & Repeat
Constance Of The Universe
I'll Get Over It
She's Working Here
Stone Away

Songs Of The Heart

Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You
The Glory Road
Get Into The Bus, Aloha
Uneasy Lies the Head of the Confidence Man
The Organ Bar
Donna Nietche And Her Super Race Of Kick Boxing Uber Parrots
Our Night To Howl, Time To Go Dancing
Sins of the Fathers
Turn This Off
When Everyone Wore Hats
My Hand To God

Mr. Buechner's Dream

This Is The One
Mr. Buechner's Dream
The Author of the Story
Your Long Year
Who's Who Here?
Thick Skin
Ribbons & Bows
Ordinary Extraordinary Day
I Get to Wondering
Faithful Street
The Lucky Ones
Rice Paper Wings (A Song to Our Daughters)
The Tale You Told (A Song for the Artist)
Over Her Shoulder (A Song of Lot's Wife)
The Staggering Gods
A Little Grace (A Song of Job)
My Beautiful Martyr
Mr. Buechner Wakes Up
Joel (from Joel 2)
Pretty Little Lies (A Song of Eve)
Child on a Leash
Small Great Things
Easy for You
Maybe All I Need
Pregnant Pause (A Song of Abraham and Sarah)
She's a Hard Drink
So Far So Good
Flash in Your Eyes (A Song for Gene Eugene)
Nobody Will
Steal Away (A Song of the Flood)
And So it Goes
Nowhere is Someplace

Let's Spin

Let's Spin
Catch That Angel
The Unsuccesful Dutch Missionary
Big Guns
Rodeo Drive
Ed Takes A Vacation
I've Got An Idea
Don't Ask Me How I Feel
Ed Again
What A World, What A World

Outdoor Elvis

Outdoor Elvis
Driving in England
Urban Legends
Tiny Town
Attack of the Pulpit Masters
Mystery Babylon
Arthur Fhardy's Yodeling Party
Hell Oh
Blowing Smoke
Hide the Beer, The Pastor's Here
Hold Back The Wind, Donna
Knee Jerk
Don't Hate Yourself
All The Way To Heaven
Rubber Sky
CoCo the Talking Guitar
Yer Little Gawd
Billy Graham
Strange Days
Elimination (The Band That Won't Go Away)

Zoom Daddy

I Had A Bad Experience With The CIA And Now I'm Gonna Show You My Feminine Side
Mr. Sharky
(Disco) Love Grapes
Disco Love Grapes - Bass Tab
Nightmare At The Elks Lodge
The Golden Girl Of The Golden West
Sweet Mother Of God
The Twist
The Twist - Bass Tab
God Went Bowling
Multipurpose Man
Pyro Sets A Wildfire
Some Friendly Advice
Art Carney's Dream
Holy, Holy, Holy
Zoom Daddy

Knowledge & Innocence

Dancing On Light
(Out Of) The Wild Wood
Here He Comes, Second Time
Picture Of You
Song Of Innocence
Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour
Picture Of You (Reprise)
Ever After
Home Movies (A. Christmas 1980)
One More Time
Baby's Heartbeat (6 months)
Light Princess
Waiting (Reprise)

A Briefing for the Ascent

A Briefing For The Ascent
Somewhere To Elsewhere
Beyond The Wall Of Sleep
The Wood Between The Worlds
My Love, My Love
Wars Of The Heart
Capture Me
Where Dreams Come True
Long, Long, Long
Prelude/Going Home

John Wayne

Writer's Block
Mr. Flutter
Too Many Angels
You Told Them Exactly What I Didn't Say
Big Shot & Miniature Girl
Ten Gallon Hat
Hey John Wayne
Chicken Crosses The Road
You Lay Down

Avocado Faultline

Cowboys with Engines
Startin' Monday
Capistrano Beach
Pie Hole
The Afternoon
Built Her A Cloud
Angels Must Smile Like That
With What I Should Have Said
Pretend I'm Elvis (For Just One Night)
Papa Danced on Olvera Street
Kind Word


Cough Drops
Lowdee, Huh!


Fairy Tale
Ghost Riders
Like Lazarus
Little Things
Love Takes Over The World
Off My Mind
Only One
Salvation Wings
So Certain
Stones of Venice
CoCo the Talking Guitar Tab Page

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May 11, 2011