What's New, Magoo?

january 7, 2013

One or two a year. Yeah... I rawk! Here's a grand tune from PFR-alum Patrick Andrew: I Belong To You.

september 25, 2012

By request, Fade Into You by The Choir.

august 26, 2011

Yeah, so it's only three easy chords but it's three easy FUN chords! Scrambled Eggs by the late great Ed's Redeeming Qualities.

may 19, 2011

Don't freak out. Yes, three more songs in less than a year! One Last Time and Walking In My Sleep by Fair and Spoken Word by Ed's Redeeming Qualities. Enjoy!

may 11, 2011

Thanks to Rippin' Richie we can now Hide the Beer, The Pastor's Here!

april 15, 2011

It's been a whole year, has it? I've had this one sitting for a while but am finally posting it. Hope it's accurate! Turn It Around off the latest Lost Dogs album, Bullet Train, Pray Where You Are and Breath Deep off earlier Lost Dogs albums and Maybe Tomorrow from the second Rembrandts album, way back in 1991 and a nicely formatted and complete Violent Blue by Chagall Guevara.

april 1, 2010

Fair is one amazing band. I plan to do more of their songs soon but until then enjoy the title track from their album Disappearing World

december 18, 2009

Where has the time gone? Great song from the unreleased Phil Solem solo album I'm Your Man, Baby

may 21, 2009

Why hasn't anyone figured out these chords before? They are easy peasy and great for singing to your daughter. Wide-Eyed Wonder by The Choir.

april 22, 2009

Three more from The Rembrandts. Pretty accurate, I'd say, but after three my brain gets mushy. Too Late, One Of Us and Way She Smiles

april 20, 2009

The Rembrandts can write some amazing tunes when they try! Lost Together and St. Paul

april 8, 2009

A classic from Daniel Amos, compliments of Mike Murphy: Black Gold Fever

march 31, 2009

A long time coming but it turned out to be easy, a lovely song from Spock's Beard: Can't Get It Wrong

january 29, 2009

B+ formatted versions of some great Rich Mullins songs: The Howling, While the Nations Rage, and Brothers Keeper.

january 7, 2009

Have I got a whole bunch of regurgitated stuff for you! It's available elsewhere and has been for some time but not in my own patented nifty easy-to-read format! About Love by The Choir, I Believe In You and You Lay Down by Daniel Amos and a whole bunch by PFR: Fight, Pour Me Out, That Kind of Love, Walk Away From Love, You Lord. coming soon... Anything, Didn't He, Great Lengths, See The Sun Again.

november 14, 2008

They've been waiting patiently since I did the Mark Heard songs but... Two great songs by Jelly Jam, my first forays into actual guitar tab. Cross your fingers!
I Am The King
I Can't Help You

october 27, 2008

It's Mark Heard week! One a day all this week, or something like that. Sure, a couple are available elsewhere but they aren't very user friendly.
Worry Too Much
I Might Have Felt That Way
Lonely Moon
All Too Soon
Nod Over Coffee
She Don't Have A Clue

october 21, 2008

By request- Ain't Gonna Fight It, Terry Taylor's first big smash.

october 17, 2008

A few Halloween songs - Monster Mash and This Is Halloween. Well, "This Is Halloween" isn't completed because, like, the dude, like, totally changes chords every verse or so. Take a stab at it and you'll see why I quit.

july 1, 2008

It's new to this site... Galactic Cowboys songs! However they are all available elsewhere on the 'net but here they are free.

june 4, 2008

By request, Daniel Amos so old school it's new again. William

may 27, 2008

Maybe I go through spurts... um, six new songs, YEAH! Kind Word, The Afternoon, Built Her A Cloud, and Angels Must Smile Like That by Terry Taylor and How I Wish I Knew and Mercy Will Prevail from The Choir.

may 21, 2008

MORE! MORE! Three more DA songs! Mr. Flutter, Out In The Cold, and If You Want To. Salvation Wings thrown in at no extra cost!

may 12, 2008

I was encouraged by a post on the DAMB and went to town! Four more DA songs... and then realized that while I enjoy listening to the songs they aren't all that great for playing. Oh well. Prayer Wheel, My Hand To God, When Everyone Wore Hats, and Loveland.

april 14, 2008

Another triple submission, all from 2 Foot Yard. Plane Song, One Day in May, and The Great Escape. Also a revised version of a Fluid Imbibers classic Friends With A Tuna.

april 1, 2008

Three animal songs this time... If you've never heard 2 Foot Yard check 'em out! Octopus. Also a great song by Terry Taylor, Chicken Crosses The Road. And although no one has ever heard it, the words and chords to my latest song, a true song, a silly song, Dead Frog.

december 17, 2007

For some reason I never transcribed the excellent Randy Stonehill song Sing in Portuguese. Only two songs off the dazzling Wonderama album left to go!

september 18, 2007

Hey, it's my dad's birthday! Finally Terry Scott Taylor gets his dues (yeah, right) by a nice version of Pretend I'm Elvis and With What I Should Have Said. Maybe, just maybe I'll get Papa Danced on Olivera Street done in honor of my dad before the end of 2007.

september 11, 2007

Since it's been almost a year I thought I'd toss out a nicely formatted version of Rich Mullins' The River in a guitar-friendly key.

october 2, 2006

A much better version of the lost 100 Watt Smile classic If You Won't Too along with (gasp) a MIDI drum track so you can play along and pretend you're one of the band. I Need To Get A Life. I split out the drums, cymbals, and tambourine onto their own tracks so you can adjust volume to your preference.
ALSO I stumbled upon chords for the classic More Bad Times by Ed's Redeeming Qualities.

may 17, 2006

Okay, the full song of Youth With A Machine as best as this quasi-guitarist can figure it. Also, for your pleasure, is I Didn't Build This For Me with guitar and bass parts.

may 15, 2006

It's not much but it's tab to Tim's nifty bass part of Daniel Amos' classic Youth With A Machine.

march 20, 2006

Finally posted the chords to the great Ed's Redeeming Quality song Bob and a reformatting/quality check of the amazing Duncecap

december 9, 2005

A quasi-decent rendition of The Choir's Fine Fun Time. Where is Shannon Penner when you need 'em? Hopefully more Choir tunes coming. Also formatted the excellent The Warbler, The Wilderness, and Cain.

november 21,2005

I finally got tired of trying to figure out someone else's partially completed transcription of Mark Heard's incredible Look Over Your Shoulder so I did my own. Enjoy!

november 11, 2005

Yeah, so it's been available for a long time elsewhere but durnit, I find my formatting easier to use. But Greg Steele can't be beat for these wonderful GORKA transcriptions!
Gravyland Grand Larceny I Don't Feel Like A Train

june 15, 2005

Yeah, so it's been available for a long time elsewhere but durnit, I find my formatting easier to use. But Shannon Penner can't be beat for these wonderful Choir transcriptions!
To Cover You Yellow Skies

june 14, 2005

A quad of DA songs compliments of Alex Hernandez and an update!
Beautiful One
Man In The Moon
Pregnant Pause
Sail Me Away
- update

october 8, 2004

Another great transcription from Nato! Red White and Blue by The Lost Dogs.

july 19, 2004

It's my wife's birthday! HUZZAH!!!! I finally uncovered and posted "Moses In The Desert" and "The Great Divide" by The Lost Dogs, transcribed long ago by the amazing Roger Moore. Also fixed the link to "Everything Is Alright" by Mark Heard.

june 29, 2004

I'm crazy about this stuff... THREE UPDATES IN JUNE!!!! Don't get used to it! Two more songs from the wonderful Mark Heard.

june 20, 2004

How about "In The Calling" from Riki Michele? Also "Eleanor It's Raining" by The Lost Dogs, a chord chart sent to me a long time ago by the great Roger Moore. No link from here, though (too lazy) but it's easy enough to find.

june 15, 2004

Hey, I'm getting faster! It's not even been a full year and I've got updates. Yep, I finally discovered the wonderful music of Mark Heard and charted out some of his songs. More to come, I'm sure, before 2004 is over.

july 15, 2003

Compliments of Kenneth Olson a NEW transcription of an OLD Daniel Amos song! My Room
Also updated lyrics and format to a Fluid Imbiber song... yeah, it's my band and no one has ever heard this song but my girlfriend really likes it so THERE! Or rather here.

february 14, 2003

I'm finally getting this one posted, on Valentines Day, of all times! Somewhat appropriate for the song lyrics "I need a lover, baby / I need a broken heart." Yep, it's L.C. by the fabulous Adam Again.

november 29, 2002

Nothing like waiting almost a full year between posts... hey, I went through a divorce so cut me some slack!
An updated and much more accurate version of Adam Again's Every Mother's Way and five amazing songs from Phil Madeira. Go to his site and love him. Jagged Heart - Diesel - Francine - Wicked Job - Wasteland

december 4, 2001

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Pity the poor slacker (me) who had lots of DA chords but didn't post them... until today. Go on over to Mr. Buechner's Dream for chords to Thick Skin, She's A Hard Drink, Child On A Leash, Flash In Your Eyes, Maybe All I Need, Rice Paper Wings, Faithful Street and Lucky Ones, all compliments of Kenneth Olson.
Also check out Close But No Cigar from The Lost Dogs, compliments of Roger Moore.

september 25, 2001

If you're not a DA fan, nothing for you. If you are, sit back and enjoy! Four new songs from their new album Mr. Buechner's Dream and Father Explains from their Kalhoun album.

september 18, 2001

Thanks to the tireless efforts of a Mr. Mossey and the Daniel Amos Discussion List, I've got a whole slew of songs from the new DA album, Mr. Buechner's Dream plus the song Startin' Monday from Terry Taylor's latest solo album. Oh yeah, I also gave DA, Swirling Eddies, and Terry Taylor their own chord page so they don't disrupt class.

july 5, 2001

You've seen it on other sites but the other sites are incomplete and WRONG WRONG WRONG! Maybe. Here's my version of The Choir's Merciful Eyes with updated chords for the solo section and chorus.
As if that weren't enough, three songs from 100 Watt Smile (you've GOT to check out this band!) Fancy Me, Somewhere, and Stomach of a Whale.

june 17,2001

A couple of groovy tunes by request. Shotgun Angel and Meal by Daniel Amos and Ugly Girl by the amazing Fleming & John!

may 25, 2001

I've been on a bit of a DA kick lately. I proudly present to you the remaining songs of the Vox Humana album so that you may now play the entire album (if you ignore my icky-bad chords). Take me away!

may 4, 2001

Lots and lots and lots of DA/Swirling Eddies songs... EIGHTEEN in all! I thought I put a slew of these out a while back but forgot. This batch includes every song from the classic Darn Floor Big Bite album!

april 17, 2001

Aye, it's been a long time but I've been busy waxing my legs. A couple of bass tabs from the cranium of Tim Chandler! The Twist and Disco Love Grapes.

january 4, 2001

Four gems from Ed's Redeeming Qualities! King of Calypso, Forget, The Curse and I'm Not Drinking, Hm Hm. If you like The Swirling Eddies, you've gotta check out this band!

december 22, 2000

Sat down to do a couple of songs from the Swirling Eddies masterpiece Let's Spin and ended up doing the whole dad-blurned thing! Instead of listing all nine tracks, just go here.

december 15, 2000

Just in time for Christmas! A whole slew of DA chords... well, I stole them from another site but cleaned them up real good!
As the World Turns, Horrendous Disc, Hound of Heaven - updated, Jesus Is Jehovah To Me, Posse in the Sky, Sky King

october 2, 2000

Not sure what happened but this weekend I transcribed every song from DIG by Adam Again. Check 'em out here.

august 14,2000

Two classics from Daniel Amos! I Love You #19 and Hound of Heaven. Plus a B+ Chords exclusive! Midi drums tracks for I Love You #19 so you can play along with a virtual Ed!

From the mind (and web site) of the deceased genius Kevin Gilbert is chords for Tea For One

july 24, 2000

Verviana is HOT! Another one from the amazing wunderkind! Hanging On A Notion by Fleming & John!

july 19, 2000

More? How about I Fall For You, Radiate, Comfortable, and Delusions of Grandeur all by Fleming and John.

july 17, 20000

I'm a man out of control. Four entries and more on the way!
River on Fire by the incredible Adam Again. Long overdue and hopefully more to come!
The bass line for If You're Listening by The Choir.
Two dandies from Fleming and John by request Love Songs and Rain All Day, a favorite of my wife.

june 15, 2000

Somebody slap me with a cheese stick! Two sets of entries in one month? PREPOSTEROUS!
And yet it's true. Some great, sick songs from my childhood.
I Found the Brains of Santa Clause - a must for any family holiday gathering
Dead Puppies - a classic from Ogden Edsel
Dead Friend Chester - so maybe I have this thing with death...
Waiting by Kevin Gilbert... a great song, a great songwriter. Did I mention that he's dead?

june 7, 2000

Just a few for now with more due this summer!
Two songs from one incredible band! 100 Watt Smile has put a zig in my zag for eight continuous months! Could it be a record? Hear their songs at www.100wattsmile.com
Birthmark and If You Won't Too
Also, my key-changed version of Hard To Get by Rich Mullins.

april 27, 2000

Has it really been this long? Egads! Just a couple of new things, plus more in the hopper.
Bass transcription for Dance Stop
Guitar chords for Adam Again's classic Worldwide
Oh, and check out the drivel my "band" has put together on MP3.com here

december 20, 1999

Experience the wonder that is Ed's Redeeming Qualities! Chords for Mom, Legs To Go, and My Friend Bob. Classics!

september 1, 1999

Seven songs from the classic Stonehill album Wonderama!!!

august 30, 1999

Finally some major additions!
Fleming & John - Don't Let It Fade Away
Terry Taylor - Ten Gallon Hat and You Lay Down
Meat Puppets - That's How It Goes

may 28, 1999

I've done some minor things that I haven't documented, like adding When You Die by Barnes & Barnes and Lobster Boy by Fluid Imbibers. Other things have been minor chord corrections and visiting a lactation specialist.

january 25, 1999

From the list of long overdue, bass tab for Turn Around by They Might Be Giants and All That Is You.

january 18, 1999

Two fun ones! The Grinch Song and Monty Python's The Lumberjack Song.

december 11, 1999

In working on the Tim Chandler page, I completed bass tabs for Darn Floor, Big Bite, Safety Net, and All That is You. Since I did that, I wrote out the guitar chords as well--> Darn Floor, Big Bite / Safety Net
As a special bonus, One More Time by Terry Taylor is now available.

november 4, 1998

Updated When You Give Your Love To Me by Kevin Gilbert. I think the chords are all correct now.
Is this a sign of the end times? Yes, it looks like I finally finished the bass tabs to They Might Be Giant's Dirtbike!

october 26, 1998

I admit it... I harvested these from the Coco The Talking Guitar site... but I did clean then up and make them readable!
Dunce Cap - Gene Eugene
(What's Come) Over Me - Daniel Amos
The Twist - Swirling Eddies
Broken Ladders - Daniel Amos
Grace is the Smell of Rain - Daniel Amos

october 5, 1998

Two classic Adam Again songs... will their new album ever be released?
No Regrets
Hide Away

sept 23, 1998

Lots of good stuff!
Two gems from The Neverhood soundtrack (with more to come!) Lowdee, Huh and Cough Drops
As far as I know, the first Swirling Eddies chord chart ever available! Outdoor Elvis
Bass tab for the incredible Away With The Swine by The Choir

july 28, 1998

Had a productive night and chorded out some of my favorite DA songs from the Vox Humana album.
She's All Heart
The Incredible Shrinking Man
Dance Stop
Adrian Belew : Something To Do

july 15, 1998

Learn the Bass Clef with this handy Excel quizzer! - still problems with downloading correctly. Bear with me.

july 12, 1998

Julie Miller's old song What Would Jesus Do? that I got from a 1990 CCM mag-o-zine.
At long last, song tunes to famous Folderol/Fluid Imbibers songs!
Friends With A Tuna
If You Find

june 29, 1998

Chords for 16 classic Steve Taylor songs!

june 28, 1998

Keith Green You Are The One

june 1, 1998

Alarming information on your favorite composers to be found here!

may 25, 1998

Enjoy the following tasty NEW chords!
VeggieTales I Can Be Your Friend
The Choir All That is You
Daniel Amos Praise Song

may 21, 1998

Added chords for VeggieTales theme song. I've got a number of things to put on as well but I just can't find the time!

may 4, 1998

The illustrated book based on the song "Hot Cha" by They Might Be Giants is finally on-line! A joy for all mentally insufficient adults!

march 27, 1998

A link to a Matthew Sweet page with TONS AND SCADS of chards has been added.

march 26, 1998

Many of the bass tabs have been scrubbed and cleaned in a vat of marmalade. The result? Easier to read and better tasting!

february 26, 1998

Updated chords for Stone courtesy of Andy Morgan

february 13, 1998

Bass tabs are up! Check out the following:
Don't Cry by Adam Again
Restore My Soul by The Choir
You Lord by Pfr
Mammel by They Might Be Giants
If I Wasn't Shy by They Might Be Giants

The king of the miscreants,


coming never ...

Michael W. Smith chords from Eye 2 i + 1
Pray For Me
Secret Ambition
On the Other Side
I Miss the Way
Help You Find Your Way
Hand of Providence

Chords to some of my favorite songs from Amy Grant's "Lead My On" album
All Right
If These Walls Could Speak
Lead Me On
Sure Enough
Say Once More

Hey everybody! Roger Shuman is a NINNY!!!!