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Yon Chords und Tabs

Adam AgainBarnes & BarnesThe BeatlesAdrian BelewChagall Guevara
The ChoirDaniel AmosEd's Redeeming QualitiesFairFleming & John
Fluid ImbibersGalactic CowboysKevin GilbertJohn GorkaKeith Green
Mark HeardKing's XThe Lost DogsPhil MadeiraMeat Puppets
Riki MicheleJulie MillerRich MullinsNeverhoodPFR
The RembrandtsMike Roe / 77sSoundtracksSpock's BeardRandy Stonehill
Matthew SweetSwirling EddiesTy TaborSteve TaylorThey Might Be Giants
Toy MatineeVeggie TalesDavid Wilcox2 Foot Yard100 Watt Smile
P. Hux

2 Foot Yard

The Great Escape
One Day In May
Plane Song

100 Watt Smile

Fancy Me
If You Won't Too
If You Won't Too- drum Midi tracks
Stomach of a Whale

Adam Again

Don't Cry
Don't Cry - Bass Tab
Every Mother's Way
Hidden, Hidden
Hide Away
Hopeless, Etc.
It Is What It Is (What It Is)
No Regrets
Walk Between the Raindrops
River on Fire
So Long
What's Your Name?

Barnes & Barnes

When You Die

The Beatles

nothing at this time online but ask if you need something... I gots it all.

Adrian Belew

Chords for many songs
Ballet of the Blue Whale
Something To Do

Chagall Guevara

Violent Blue

The Choir

About Love
All That is You
All That is You - Bass Tab
Fade Into You
Fine Fun Time
How I Wish I Knew
If You're Listening - Bass Tab
Merciful Eyes
Mercy Will Prevail
Restore My Soul- Bass Tab
Shiny Floor
To Cover You
The Warbler
Wide-Eyed Wonder
The Wilderness
Yellow Skies

Ed's Redeeming Qualities/ERQ

The Curse
I'm Not Drinking, Hm Hm
King of Calypso
Legs To Go
More Bad Times
My Friend Bob
Scrambled Eggs
Spoken Word


Disappearing World
One Last Time
Walking In My Sleep

Fleming & John

Delusions of Grandeur
Don't Let it Fade Away
I Fall For You
Hanging On A Notion
Love Songs
Rain All Day
Ugly Girl

Fluid Imbibers / Aardvark Lounge

This Love
Come See the Llamas!
Dead Frog
Don't Crawl Off The Bed
Friends With A Tuna
Friends With A Tuna (2008)
Lobster Boy
Snake Butts
Would You Wait For Me?

Galactic Cowboys

9th of June - tab
Feel the Rage - tab
I Can't Wait - tab
Idle Minds (Bass tab)
I'm Not Amused - tab
In This Life - tab
Mona Lisa - tab
Mrs. Leslie - tab
Psychotic Companion - bass tab
Ranch on Mars - tab
Ribbon - tab
Space In Your Face - tab
Speak To Me - tab
The Lens - tab
The Struggle (Bass tab)
Tilt-A-Whirl - tab

Kevin Gilbert

When You Give Your Love to Me
Tea For One
Tears of Audry

Keith Green

You Are The One

John Gorka

Grand Larceny
I Don't Feel Like A Train
When She Kisses Me

Mark Heard

All Too Soon
Another Good Lie
Everything Is Alright
I Just Wanna Get Warm
I Might Have Felt That Way
It's Not Your Fault
Lonely Moon
Look Over Your Shoulder
Love is Not the Only Thing
Nod Over Coffee
She Don't Have A Clue
Worry Too Much

King's X

Nothing right now.

The Lost Dogs

Breath Deep
Bullet Train
Certain Love
Close But No Cigar
Dunce Cap
Eleanor It's Raining
The Great Divide
Moses in the Desert
Pray Where You Are
Red White and Blue
Turn It Around

Phil Madeira

Jagged Heart
Wicked Job

Meat Puppets

That's How it Goes

Riki Michele

In The Calling

Julie Miller

What Would Jesus Do?

Rich Mullins

Official site w/ Lots O' Chords!
Brothers Keeper
Hard To Get
The Howling
The River
While the Nations Rage


Didn't He
Great Lengths
I Belong To You
The Pig Song
Pour Me Out
See The Sun Again
That Kind of Love
Walk Away From Love
You Lord - Bass Tab
You Lord

P. Hux


The Rembrandts

Follow You Down
Goodnight/Moonlight on Mt. Hood
I'm Your Man, Baby
Just The Way It Is, Baby
Lost Together
Maybe Tomorrow
One Of Us
Save Me
Show Me Your Love
St. Paul
Too Late
Way She Smiles

Mike Roe / 77s

Official Site w/ a few Chords


The Grinch Song
The Lumberjack Song
Mannah Mannah - The Muppets Not Done
I Found the Brains of Santa Claus
Dead Puppies
Dead Friend Chester

Spock's Beard

Can't Get It Wrong

Randy Stonehill

Barbie Nation
Don't Be Sad
Rachel Delevoryas
Great Big Stupid World
Mice and Men
Sing In Portuguese
The Lost Parade

Matthew Sweet

A great site with chords for nearly EVERY song!

Ty Tabor

Live in Your House

Steve Taylor

Am I in Sync?
Baby Doe
Bad Rap
Guilty By Association
I Want to Be A Clone
Meat the Press
Meltdown At Madam Tussauds
Over My Dead Body
Sin For A Season
Steeple Chase
We Don't Need No Colour Code
Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Numbers Up?
Whatever Happened to Sin?
Written Guarantee

They Might Be Giants

Unofficial Site w/ Chords
Hot Cha : An Illustrated Book
Another First Kiss
Dirt Bike - Bass Tab
If I Wasn't Shy - Bass Tab
Mammel - Bass Tab
My Evil Twin - Bass Tab
Turn Around - Bass Tab

Toy Matinee

We Always Come Home
Things She Said

Veggie Tales

Theme Song
I Can Be Your Friend

David Wilcox

Lots -o- Chords


Monster Mash
This Is Halloween

Back to the Cistern o' Love

If you enjoy this music and live in the nether regions of NorthEastern Indiana and are interested in performing these oft-ignored songs that most of the world and CCM culture consider refuse in a coffee house or some other shady dive, lemme know by extruding a turtle to jahoffman@tmbg.org.
Jan 5, 2018